Featuring Quelle Chris!

You know when a server dooks the bed because 500,000 lightbulbs were all told to ping it at once? That's me. That's my brain now.


[Quelle Chris]
The system is down. Everything’s stuck in the internet now. Call the pharmacist Morpheus, hope his prescription is loud. The metal mentalist each move predicted to your interest. Clouds hold our sentiments like nimbus on a journey to the wicked west. Every second I catch another message, MMS, DM, voicemail, email. Too many cooks in the kitchen mixing details. The hotpot is bubbling over and the kettle’s blowing out chemtrails. It’s a more eat more mentality. Ozy and the wall of a million idiot boxes. Doesn’t have the same ring as a chocolate factory. So log in till your brain logs out. Perfect blue on a sanity drought. Cause what’s a you without a username. The Who’s Who of who’s to blame is in my timeline and my mind is going blind trying to peruse the pain. How many op-eds can I gobble, swallow, bottle and shake before my levee breaks under the heavy weight of

All heads saturated by internets
Get progressively worse at thought
Imagine it the other way around? It’s not
All heads saturated by internets
Get progressively overwhelmed
Are you the service or are you the clientele?

All sysops on deck. This is an awesome wreck.
This is one of the best “too much internets” we’ve seen yet.
Elect to force-quit deceptive packets talking.
And I’m bottlenecked by horseshit, the truth can’t even login.
My noggin’s under attack, and it’s weak, and it’s fraught.
Chief SRE in charge of me is completely distraught,
muttering, “What am I gonna do? I had one job:
keep Front’s clown lobes from succumbing to the fun mob,
keep the dumb throb of the input
and resultant inaction from gaining the traction it could.”
And Front has withstood a lot of stressers & booters,
but what can you do, it’s a really big mess o’ computers
and Smartbulbs and Fitbits and disinformations.
I fail to figure which is which amidst this inundation.
A topic gets broachable: consider cut lines. (Never!)
Consider negotiable: mission critical uptimes.

All heads saturated by internets
Get progressively overwhelmed
And oh yes, we’re nearly over now
All heads saturated by internets
Get progressively worse at thinking
Let that thought be the last to sink in


from Net Split or, the Fathomless Heartbreak of Online Itself, released March 8, 2019
Vocals: Quelle Chris and MCF
Drum programming: Quelle Chris and MCF
Synths: Quelle Chris

Lyric and Music by Damian Hess and Gavin Christopher Tennille


all rights reserved



MC Frontalot New York

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