*extremely online voice* i think what you're failing to understand here is that one cannot critique that which one already insists is perfect


Don’t know how to turn the box off

I don’t know how to turn it off. I don’t know if I want to.
And I don’t know if I learned enough to be standing on a
soap box, telling everyone how to live.
Everybody’s got a critique that they’ve got to give,
and mine is only as regards my own habitual
dissemination of the celebration ritual.
“Online is so great, let’s all go there!
We’ll be there together, even though it’s nowhere!”
And some scaredy-cats are going to log off
but I’ll tell them: muster bravery, be not soft.
Be not often (nor ever) in absentia,
and if you get in trouble while you’re logged on, do not mention the
rapper who told you to never to touch the power switch.
I eschew all weaknesses such as cowardice
(I’ll evince them often but I don’t admit).
If you’re streaming this record then you’re already it

Don’t know how to turn the box off
Don’t know how to turn, to turn, to turn

Wake up updating feeds and I’m bleeding followers,
though not for want of politesse. Who is egregious? All of us,
oh. Wander onto the avenue, screen at eye level,
camera in the high bezel. See me seeking my devil.
See me stumble, I’ll mumble a couple of repetitions
of the current obscurities. Hurry, this transmission is
up! Beat those hearts and those thumbs into submission.
‘Cause I’m aware of all internet traditions.
Ha. Ha. I laugh in recognition, not joy
(an emotion I’ve outsourced my ability to deploy).
Think my unlimited toy is in need of a feeding.
Venture back home to the bigger displays and plug in as needed.
I figure I’ll stay seated for the rest of the day now.
There’s no way to relax. It’ll say how on the forum. Okay, wow.
There’s one technique, and nobody’s verified it:
flick the power switches off. But that won’t work, I’ve tried it.


from Net Split or, the Fathomless Heartbreak of Online Itself, released March 8, 2019
Vocals: MCF
Drum: The Sturgenius
Keyboards: Gm7 and MCF

Lyric by Damian Hess
Music by Damian Hess and Gabriel Alter


all rights reserved



MC Frontalot New York

World's 579th Greatest Rapper

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