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I mean, of COURSE memes are stupid. Maybe that's half the fun of them. But Front still insists that you all get off his lawn.


Memes are dumb
Memes are dumb
Memes are dumb
If you’ve got something to say, say something

I say memes are dumb, not like idiots would post them,
but like I experience my own giddiness the most when
fodder for the flow’s penned and then exclaimed out.
When I say dumb, I mean like I could take the same mouth
that I yap with and mute it like a commercial.
None of what I meant to communicate achieves dispersal.
And that’s what you’ve done, every dickbutt that you shitpost,
sewn your own trap shut, a riddle you didn’t get close.
Just another echo of an image that you’ve seen
in another permutation on that same rectangle screen,
just a little more obscene or droll, according to your self-expression.
And still it’s dumb, affording you this hellish lesson...

int0x80, memes curator, a veteran and seasoned,
but saddened that my rap just happens to be the voice of reason.
"Memes are dumb?" That isn't mute, it's acute act of treason.
Much of us anonymous, and believe it we are legion.
Multiple in content, this "trouble" isn't gone yet,
maybe ‘cause these references are so cultural in context.
Hey stranger, is your echo chamber commentary laughed off?
Look at the bigger picture of these contemporary snapshots.
Behold the inevitable sentence structure that we muster.
These dank memes change themes, grouping others into clusters.
I thought as someone famous you'd like innovative language.
Sorry to deny your pull request for retroactive changes.

The captioning macro captures every residual stammer.
Maybe you’re busy inventing a new semi-visual grammar.
Maybe I’m too old to understand how talk works
but I’ve squeezed a living out of it on internet like rock squirts.
And I’m not sure I’m ready to surrender
to the crowd-sourced crafting of every cultural fender bender.
Dank is a good descriptor for wet caves and your reefer,
and unattributed, yeah, if you’re going to stay such a griefer.
If the thing of the moment captures your sentiment perfectly
and drawing a moustache on it is enhancing it worthily,
then don’t let me tell you exactly how to shut up.
All your internet buddies think that you’re a cutup.


from Net Split or, the Fathomless Heartbreak of Online Itself, released March 8, 2019
Vocals: MCF and Int80 of Dual Core
Keyboards: Gm7
Drum programming and additional synths: Baddd Spellah

Lyric by Damian Hess and David Martinjack
Music by Damian Hess, Gabriel Alter, and David T. Cheong


all rights reserved



MC Frontalot New York

World's 579th Greatest Rapper

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